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How the Web Can be Harnessed for Social Good

Nice to see thoughtful posts by industry insiders on how new media and platforms can be used for good purposes. In this case, the focus is on how the emergent web and social media can help address the Millennial Development Goals (MDGs) that were adopted by United Nations member states in 2000. These goals included eradicating extreme poverty, reducing child mortality rates, fighting disease epidemics and developing a global partnership for development by 2015.

The information web now makes a wealth of content available to people around the world in real time. The social web connects people with family, friends, causes and interests in ways not possible before. Importantly, the social web helps individuals, their friends and friends of friends organize information and take action.

This changes people’s relationship not only with governments and non-profit organizations, but fundamentally alters the way they can approach the world’s challenges, no matter how large or small. This completely alters how people engage through elementary school bake sales, global earthquake relief efforts and everything in between.

How the Web Can be Harnessed for Social Good.

Written by tstaley

September 17, 2010 at 4:44 pm

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