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Help for the Disconnected Knowledge Worker?

A blog post today on a site called Fierce Content Management – Can Enterprise 2.0 save the disconnected knowledge worker? – focuses on employees who work remotely, and may lose the social and productivity benefits of working in an office.

Today’s workers are more disconnected from the company than ever. Spread out by distance, sometimes even without an office, these workers are looking for a way to connect to their fellow workers like never before, and this is especially true for knowledge workers who frequently require contact with other employees to get their work done.

The author claims that, though traditional communications tools are not the answer, Enterprise 2.0 tools could help. His premise is that a social platform within a company can provide “a virtual water cooler where [employees] can formulate ideas, shoot the breeze and build relationships with one another.” However, he ends with a note of cautious optimism:

Enterprise 2.0 tools can only do so much. But they at least have the potential when implemented correctly to help disconnected knowledge workers make meaningful connections. And that could help organizations stay productive even when individuals may never see one another.

via Can Enterprise 2.0 save the disconnected knowledge worker? – FierceContentManagement.


Written by tstaley

November 16, 2010 at 10:09 am

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