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Trends from Enterprise 2.0: The Move to Social Business « It’s All Virtual

No novel ideas, but good insights from Dennis Shiao, one attendee of the E2.0 conference this week, including:

  • Start-ups on Equal Footing with the Technology Giants. Jive has become “the man”, the relatively new company is now the market giant.
  • Social Business UI – New Models Needed. Everyone is copying Facebook; new interfaces will emerge. For the record, I envision less monolithic designs, and more malleable parts that can be syndicated to other working contexts.
  • The author, a “virtual event strategist,” sees similarities between Social Intranets and Virtual Event Platforms. Interesting and appropriate that there is convergence here – people coming together online to share ideas and get things done.
  • The Intranet (As We Know It) Is Dead:

The Intranet, as a self-standing web site, is now dead. In its place will be social business platforms. Do you really use your company’s intranet? It’s good for routine activities e.g. look up phone numbers, find the expense report template, etc., but it doesn’t significantly improve employee productivity.

via Trends from Enterprise 2.0: The Move to Social Business « It’s All Virtual.


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November 12, 2010 at 7:05 am

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