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The Rising Challenge Of Social Business To HR Departments

Some good insights on social media in the enterprise from the HR perspective. The bottom line is that social media is changing how employees relate to each other, obviously, but also how HR departments envision their role within an organization.

Some of the insights include:

  • HR may not be ready for the shift of emphasis from interactions between two individuals, to interaction in collaborative groups.
  • 85% of people in HR roles felt that they were sorely lacking in skills and expertise around social business systems.
  • Biggest opportunities for HR are in recruiting and training

This last seems like pragmatic current focus areas for HR, but understates the broader, but less measurable impact on how people work together, and even conceive of themselves in the context of a broader group.

via The Rising Challenge Of Social Business To HR Departments – Rawn Shah – Connected Business – Forbes.


Written by tstaley

November 11, 2010 at 9:59 am

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