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Curating Information as Content Strategy

This is a useful article from Valerie Maltoni about the role of content curator. It seems to me that this is a role we all play in one form or another, and our species has always played – filtering, interpreting and transmitting news and information gleaned from other quarters, often adding our own spin or interpretation.

In a networked content model – where we get our information from diverse, multilateral sources – ever less so from narrow broadcast media – content curation is ever more important. In this post, Valerie lists some benefits of content curating:

  • becoming a useful filter makes you a destination
  • commenting and intelligent framing of conversation are still in scarce supply
  • showing trends and patterns from compiling information is powerful
  • providing content in a way that makes it usable gains you a loyal following
  • seeing what’s out there helps you find gaps in demand
  • curating allows you to set the tone for where the focus should be
  • seeing your role as that of ultimate decision maker on what’s in and what’s out

On the flip side, the ecology of content curating also means we have to constantly revise and refine the channels on which we listen – good curators may be everywhere, but there’s a limit to how much input we can receive.

via Conversation Agent: Curating Information as Content Strategy.


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October 28, 2010 at 5:54 am

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