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New key role (and term) in social-media ecosystem: “content curation”

When you think about it, “content curation” actually doesn’t seem like a new concept. It’s what has happened around water coolers and watering holes for ages. “Did you see that article in the Times yesterday?”

So it’s only natural that we pass along news, insights, reports, scandals, jokes as we have for millenia. It’s just that now we have new channels. Beyond email, Twitter and Facebook have, for me at least, become a primary source for information from the rest of the world.

According to Smart Blog on Social Media, content curation is the role most often played in the “social media ecosystem.”

With the explosive growth of Twitter and Facebook, along with other social-media networks and mobile applications, content gets shared in so many ways that maintaining a healthy diet of information consumption can, at times, seem like a losing battle… The results (of their poll) show that the term “content curation” (43.12%) has become more than a new catchphrase, as the role garnered almost half the responses. “Be the resource” seems to have become a mantra across social networks, as it shows awareness and influence.

(source: Smart Blog on Social Media)

Content curation is so popular because we’ve been wired for this role as a species. In fact, it’s exactly what this blog post (and much of this blog) is about. The key to using social media as your source for information is to choose your curators well.

via What’s your role in the social-media ecosystem? | SmartBlog on Social Media.


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October 18, 2010 at 6:32 am

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