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Empowered Customers – HBR Article

Nice article on HBR by Josh Bernoff – clearly an excerpt from his forthcoming book of the same name – where he points to the power invested in customers by way of social media, and company strategies for not so much managing but channeling the power of the customer.

Employees, especially in marketing, sales, and customer service, see customers’ problems and use these technologies to solve them. Moving forward with their solutions creates challenges for three groups: the HEROes themselves, management, and IT.

Most companies aren’t set up to harness technological innovation that comes from outside IT. Their IT departments can’t launch and run these sorts of projects—they’re too far from customers and typically lack the budget and staff. Even so, they’re uncomfortable often with good reason when marketers and others move forward with technology. As for managers, both senior and midlevel, they want to encourage innovation but worry about the risks associated with these projects. And the HEROes have trouble executing their plans at scale in the absence of consistent support.

via Empowered – Harvard Business Review.


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June 24, 2010 at 9:53 am

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