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Bike Routes Added to Google Maps

It’s only in beta – and mostly seems to mirror the walking routes in Google Maps – especially around Boston where there are few dedicated bike lanes (though we’re working on it!) – but this is a great step in raising support and awareness for biking as transportation.

It appears from one article that Google has a dedicated 5-person team, based in Seattle, developing the capability. From the Wired News article:

To create the mapping tool, Google developed an algorithm that uses several inputs — including designated bike lanes or trails, topography and traffic signals — to determine the best route for riding. The map sends you around, not over, hills. But if you really want to tackle that Category 1 climb, you can click and drag the suggested route anywhere you like, just like you can with pedestrian or driving routes. Users can suggest changes or make corrections to routes using the ever-present “report a problem” feature on Google Maps.

The Associated Press: Google adds bike lane with latest mapping feature.


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March 10, 2010 at 6:18 am

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