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David Pogue – Buzzing, Tweeting and Carping –

David Pogue is great – here he explains why Buzz has been elusive to me, and really not worth the effort.

In eliminating the Twitterish bare-bones simplicity, Google stepped right splat into the opposite problem: dizzying complexity. At the moment, it’s not so much Google Buzz as Google “Huh?”s.

I kept thinking it was me – maybe I’m just not savvy enough when it comes to social media – people under the age of 25 might be all over this. But, as Pogue explains, the UI and usage model are awkward and Byzantine (respectively).

He does point out that, being a web property, it can evolve quickly and Google is actively working on it. Many changes have already appeared in the first week alone.

That, and because it’s Google, leads me to disagree with only one statement in his article, the first line of the last paragraph:

Buzz probably won’t make much of a dent in Facebook or Twitter or FriendFeed.

I’m thinking that Buzz is going to big big. And that’s not just reflexive Google genuflecting. I’ve been playing with Wave for a while, and I think that’ll need an overhaul before it becomes relevant. But Buzz is baked into GMail, and that’s big. The GMail UI won’t win any prizes in its own right, yet it still has tens of millions of users. We’ll all figure out Buzz,and Google will refine it to make it easier. Yep – it’ll be big.

State of the Art – Buzzing, Tweeting and Carping –


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February 18, 2010 at 11:02 am

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