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HTML and Flash Thoughts | Ryan Stewart

HTML and Flash Thoughts | Ryan Stewart

Thoughtful post about Flashes challenges, from an Adobe Evangelist.His particular concerns are: poor browser integration (ever tried to hit ctrl-F in a Flash app?) and the issue that “Flash is horrible when it comes to the semantic web,” particularly in the areas of deep-linking (direct access to a portion of a Flash app by bookmark or link) and search engine optimization (enabling search engines to find content that are delivered via Flash).

This latter (SEO) is tricky, because Flash applications are often merely shells through which content is delivered: that is, as with desktop apps, the content that is accessible via Flash does not actually reside in the app itself, but is retrieved from an XML store or database somewhere else.

If his company listens to him, and he opinion does carry weight internally, perhaps Adobe will address these shortcomings.


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February 15, 2010 at 1:05 pm

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