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Dreaming Up Textbooks on an Apple Tablet – Digits – WSJ

Coursesmart is a consortium of textbook companies coming together to make their textbooks available on other devices:

Tablets could include the ability to look at color graphics and integrate other sources of information such as video and outside links, he said.

“The key is that with multifunction devices, you can do more than just read the textbook. You can interact with the content,” he said. “It is all about having your textbooks integrated with other tools and resources that you use for learning.”

This seems interesting, but may be  tough process. If the textbook stays at the center of the usage model, as it probably will if the solution is created by textbook publishers, then it will be unlikely to capture the interest and passion of students. It will be just a different destination for the same old content.

via Dreaming Up Textbooks on an Apple Tablet – Digits – WSJ.


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January 6, 2010 at 5:54 pm

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